TA SOURCE – Marrakech’s first yoga studio is under construction on the Route de Casablanca. Having an indoor studio, and outdoor studio, TA SOURCE will be hosting yoga retreats, healing workshops, meditation courses and many holistic modalities.

Open to anyone interested in these arts, yoga classes will be ongoing as well as hosting international teachers and facilitators from around the world.

Workshop duration will be anything from one day to one month long with option of accomodation, nutrition consultation, and bodywork modalities.

Massage room, hamman, outdoor swimming pool and MANDALA mediation path are just a few of the treasures to be found at TA SOURCE.

For more information on yoga in Marrakech, bodywork, international workshops and retreats contact


Beginning the first week in July we are lucky to have in Marrakech, Marta, owner of Iyengar Yoga Studio in Madrid, Spain offering a two week course and outline in Iyengar Yoga. Marta has been teaching yoga for more than 28 years and her knowledge and expertise on the body is truely amazing. Great for all students of all forms and schools of yoga. Daily schedule consists of meditation in the morning followed by asana, by lunch by free time then evening restorative, pranayama practice. For more info contact


3464-11.jpghome.jpgppspahero_a_1.jpgEvery now and then, good fortune, fate, good karma or whatever you wish to call it seems to come ones way. I feel this way in meeting truely exceptional people and dear friends of mine of Dar el Sadaka. Nestled in Bab Atlas, a truely original place and space which sense and care to all things, the pool with the huge giraffe sculpture overlooking, the giants house where one can imagine being a child again and sensing life through that perceptive, the layers and levels to the form, mixed with pockets of colour and care make this a paradise to all who enter. Meditation tents on lush grounds, platform yoga rooms which air breezes, or small hammans and fireplace massage rooms all make this scared space a great escape/retreat space. Dar el Sadaka hosts yoga retreats, workshops and meditation courses to name a few. Those interested in vinyasa flow yoga, jucing retreats or meditation classes can contact for more information or