Yoga Workshop being held in Marrakech on May 25 from 9am to 1pm.

This workshop focuses on core strength training, Uddiyana Bandha and abdominal training.

A must for anyone following and practicing the path of yoga!!!!

We will explore isolating abdominal muscles, how to strengthen, feel and be aware of them in almost all asanas.

We will also explore and break down “the physics of flying” as you know you are getting stronger in your practice, body and core strength when you can lift yourself off the growth.

We will end with putting it all together in a one and half hour class.

A BYO lunch picnic will follow.

Space limited. Register at




I really like to think of my yoga practice as training, for the body, mind, spirit, and life as it unfolds. Today i was inspired when i was told that more and more professional athletes are also taking up yoga, not only to lengthen, strengthen and prepare the body for their sport, but also they are practising yoga as it helps them mentally prepare for the game ahead. Be it golf, tennis, dancers, or pop musicians, more and more are joining the journey. As you may know if practicing, it becomes a way of living, of thinking, of being.

Come to class!!!!!


Marrakech on Saturday the 26 of April is very lucky to have the Whirling Dervishes in town for a performance at Le Palais Congres. Not only visually entertaining, the music, the sounds, the colours all promise to uplift and transport your body, soul and spirit to another level.

Tickets are on sale. Why not join in this estactic journey?


It seems the more i am practicing and teaching yoga, the concept and importance of core strength, uddiyana bandha comes up. Bandha meaning to join together, to bond, to catch hold. Uddiyana bandha located just below the naval, known also as hara, dan, or core strength in pilates, it is a store house of energy, emotions and prana. It is very important to keep this area toned and strong. Posture, digestion, elimenation and emotional, spirtual well being improves when this bandha is activated.

Perhaps for woman the goal of having a flat stomach is enough to start the process of healing, strengthening and realising ones fullest potential on and off the mat. Awareness of this bandha allows one to also be more aware of what one puts into their body and how much.

Transformation can occur powerfully when this Uddiyana is studied.


Ever been in a yoga class and been bored? Thats what i hear alot of people tell me when they first come to class. That being their first experince of yoga. While there are many schools of yoga out there, some holding poses for longer or focusing more on meditation, i offer students a dynamic power orientated class focusing on all aspects of the body. Cardiovascular training, flexibility, stamina and endurance to maintain the pace and energy levels. strength training (lifting ones own body weight can be excitng and thrilling), core strength and much much more.

For more information on class schedules and privates please email,

The hardest step can be in showing up!!!!!!


One of the greatest things i found when i first came to Marrakech was the fantastic water park Oasirira.

Fun for all ages, families and singles,,its such a great way to beat the heat for those long summer months.

Parents can relax while their children play on the water structures and there are normally new friends to be made.

Set in lush green surroundings, its such a needed break from the busy streets that Marrakech can be.

Take a book, grab a drink or icecream and unwind with the cool blue waters.