One of the great things i find about living here in Marrakech is the warm, sun-filled climate at least 10 months out of the year. It allows us the opportunity to take advantage and enjoy “the art of juicing”. Most streets here are lined with orange and lemon trees and it gives me great joy to see the abundance of oranges growing on them. It also inspires me to use the local produce to detox, rest the digestive system, clean the skin and allow the newly available energy (prana) to be free to go to areas in the body that may need healing, extra nutriants, oxygen and blood. Most neighbourhoods here have local juice shops and you only need tell them how you like it and they do it. Affordable juicers are available at Marjane like the brand Tauras, is good to start with or more industrial juicers at Metro. Two key factors in juicng is to always take out the pulp to allow the digestive system to shut down, and thus afford feeling hungry, and to take equal part juice followed before or after with equal part water. Many receipes are available on the internet these days offering a variety of concoctions to meet every need and taste. Coming soon to Marrakech will be the opportunity for those interested in healing the system and rejuvenation, with 3, 5 or 7 day juicing retreats including massage, body scrubing, meditation and restorative yoga.



aisha-yoga.jpgaisha-yoga1.jpgWhat comes to mind when you hear the word power? What is your understanding of prana and how can we use it to gain more energy, more clarity in our lives? Do you know yoga means ‘to join’ ‘to yoke’ ‘to make whole’. In POWER PRANA YOGA classes you will find all forms of training the body are addressed, working on cardiovascular strength, flexibility, stamina, opening the hips and upper body, and fusing the postures with the ujjayi breathing creates a fullness to the practice of yoga. As some say ‘it gets you there faster’. Many teachers and facilitators of yoga together are blending the traditional teaching methods with the modern. It truely becomes a way of livng, of thinking. As my teacher is so fond of saying ‘yoga truely begins when you leave your mat’. For more information on these dynamic classes group or private lessons, or for future retreat schedules contact