Reflexology is an anceint Eygptian system designed on reflex zones mapping the entire body on the feet, hands and ears.

A very non-invasive modality, yet very powerful at addressing all the systems of the body, reflexology is scientifically proven to aid the body of dis-ease.

We tend to work the feet very hard, standing on them for longer periods than is healthy and wearing inappropriate shoes too tight or not supportive.

The feet are the mirror of the body and it is one of the most relaxing sessions of bodywork around.

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Happening May 25, Sunday at 9am, Marrakech is hosting one of the coolest yoga workshops of the year. Focusing on core strength, pranayama, meditation, and asana breakdown class, this is a must for anyone wanting to take their personal practice to the next level.

Great for beginners wanting to get a taste of what yoga is about, and the experienced yogi/yoginni wanting to take it deeper.

Cool people, cool atmosphere, cool yoga. Why not give it a try?


Created by Amelie Elbaz, dancer and choregrapher trained in Europe and United States and chosen as artistic director for Menara of Marrakech. Established in Marrakech “Stella Company” proposes shows, diverse choregraphic plays, thematic nights and performances at various locations (guest houses, bivouvacs, festivals, award ceremonies etc) in Morocco.

The company is built up of permanent dancers but regularly invites other artists from different cultures and backgrounds for special events.

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Perhaps having nothing to do with yoga,, perhaps having everything to do with yoga, i could not resist sharing one of my favourite Moroccan Sweets. Made with flour, sugar, dipped in oil then rolled in honey (yes it sounds decadent), these sweets are eaten with Harrira soup or with Moroccan doughnuts.

After much exploring, testing, tasting and trying, i found the best Chebbakia to be found on the street in Daoudiate. All hand-made with love, patience and care, it does take time to roll and dip,, they are a much.

Yes, perhaps the only thing to do with yoga, is the pretzel shape they are found to have. Why not be inspire by one of these sweets to move your body this way!!!



TA SOURCE – Marrakech’s first yoga studio is under construction on the Route de Casablanca. Having an indoor studio, and outdoor studio, TA SOURCE will be hosting yoga retreats, healing workshops, meditation courses and many holistic modalities.

Open to anyone interested in these arts, yoga classes will be ongoing as well as hosting international teachers and facilitators from around the world.

Workshop duration will be anything from one day to one month long with option of accomodation, nutrition consultation, and bodywork modalities.

Massage room, hamman, outdoor swimming pool and MANDALA mediation path are just a few of the treasures to be found at TA SOURCE.

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I find in class many students mention having tight hamstrings and wanting to work on this area of the body. I do find when you have a certain flexibility in the hamstring group of muscles, asanas previously found difficult become easier. It is not easy for some of us with tighter hamstrings to lengthen, open and stretch, yet done daily with awareness of breath and loving kindness, you will find change and progress.

Paschimottanasana, janu sirasana, hanumanasana, supta padangusthasana are a few examples of asanas helping this group of muscles, and individually warming them up before class helps too.

Little by little, through regular practice, awareness, patience and kindness, we open the areas in our bodies that have been shut done.


Every year, The Rose Festival is held around the end of May. Two vast distilling plants in El Kelaa des MGouna, the Dades Valley host this festival, and it is there you can see ‘the hard work’ ‘this labour of love’ needed to pick, gather and bring the roses to distillation. Rose oil and fragrance is very expensive as it takes 3000kg of petals to make 1 litre of oil, Healing properties of the rose include uplifting depression, calming nerves, and opening the heart chakra. The aroma of the rose in itself is wonderful to smell.

Rose oil and fragrance here in Marrakech can be found at Orientaliste in Gueliz and at Unite Pharmarcy on Hassan Ave where Rajaa the owner has made her own brand. Fabulous!