Junes workshop will focus on backbends, however we will look in more details at mantra and the power of sound as well.

Sound carrying vibration inward and outward is a very intimate and rewarding way to start your yoga practice.

Pranayama, meditation, asana and discussion will all be a part of this workshop.




Mays workshop on abdominals, core strength and uddiyana bandha was a huge success!

Thankyou all students who showed up, were willing to sweat, chant and have fun!

For June i want to look at other angles from the opposite directons




Looking at 2 dates on Saturday June 21 or/and 28.

Registration is open. Last workshop was full!



Summer heat is upon us and the thoughts of lounging away those summer days, ideally with water nearby.

Perhaps looking for the perfect place, space after a yoga workout to cool the body, to relax, unwind and soak up some rays.

Oasiria –  the beach of Marrakech and ideal for families – alot of fun with kids or without.

Nikki Beach – located in Palmerie – great for lounging, good music and food

La Plage Rouge – a little further out of town, rte de Ourika, but perhaps worth it for the share size of the pool and those nice little bandana beds around it.

Murano – red lit pool great at night for ambiant music, great during day for swimming.

Perhaps whatever you choose for the next coming months, be sure it does involve a sprinkle of that water.


Last week Morocco was lucky and happy to receive The Muesum of Modern Art New York visiting Marrakech and one of my favourite artist friends Jean Francios Fourtou.

Creating life sized sculptures of animals, giraffes in the living, cow by the pool, monkey in the bathroom, elephant tusk around the wall, his home nestled in Bab Atlas is a playground for fantasy and expression.

Having exhibited around the world, his most recently an exhibition where he plays with shape and size, a giants house with huge bed, brooms, writingpad of what life is like seem through the eyes of a child, and a minature house with little plates, forks, penicls and vision seem through grown ups.

Truely fantastic, playful and contemplative, it is not wonder the MOMA seek his art, his house, his vision across the world.


Hard to find here in Marrakech, in fact impossible,, where do you get a good yoga mat from?

Marjane sells foam inexpensive ones for those who dont like the smell of the rubber that sometimes comes from other mats, although i find very slippery and hard to grip.

If you are looking for a very durable thick mat Ta Source, the soon to be yoga studio and retreat center is selling hot pink ones (great for kids and woman) and yes (not so great for the men). Imported from the states i find them to be the best on the market for grip, looks, and smell.

For more information on that perfect yoga mat, and sometimes sort-after for lying the prayer rug, why not, contact



Reflexology is an anceint Eygptian system designed on reflex zones mapping the entire body on the feet, hands and ears.

A very non-invasive modality, yet very powerful at addressing all the systems of the body, reflexology is scientifically proven to aid the body of dis-ease.

We tend to work the feet very hard, standing on them for longer periods than is healthy and wearing inappropriate shoes too tight or not supportive.

The feet are the mirror of the body and it is one of the most relaxing sessions of bodywork around.

For more information on reflexology or appointments contact


Happening May 25, Sunday at 9am, Marrakech is hosting one of the coolest yoga workshops of the year. Focusing on core strength, pranayama, meditation, and asana breakdown class, this is a must for anyone wanting to take their personal practice to the next level.

Great for beginners wanting to get a taste of what yoga is about, and the experienced yogi/yoginni wanting to take it deeper.

Cool people, cool atmosphere, cool yoga. Why not give it a try?