It seems the more i am practicing and teaching yoga, the concept and importance of core strength, uddiyana bandha comes up. Bandha meaning to join together, to bond, to catch hold. Uddiyana bandha located just below the naval, known also as hara, dan, or core strength in pilates, it is a store house of energy, emotions and prana. It is very important to keep this area toned and strong. Posture, digestion, elimenation and emotional, spirtual well being improves when this bandha is activated.

Perhaps for woman the goal of having a flat stomach is enough to start the process of healing, strengthening and realising ones fullest potential on and off the mat. Awareness of this bandha allows one to also be more aware of what one puts into their body and how much.

Transformation can occur powerfully when this Uddiyana is studied.



Ever been in a yoga class and been bored? Thats what i hear alot of people tell me when they first come to class. That being their first experince of yoga. While there are many schools of yoga out there, some holding poses for longer or focusing more on meditation, i offer students a dynamic power orientated class focusing on all aspects of the body. Cardiovascular training, flexibility, stamina and endurance to maintain the pace and energy levels. strength training (lifting ones own body weight can be excitng and thrilling), core strength and much much more.

For more information on class schedules and privates please email, heartofa@gmail.com.

The hardest step can be in showing up!!!!!!


One of the greatest things i found when i first came to Marrakech was the fantastic water park Oasirira.

Fun for all ages, families and singles,,its such a great way to beat the heat for those long summer months.

Parents can relax while their children play on the water structures and there are normally new friends to be made.

Set in lush green surroundings, its such a needed break from the busy streets that Marrakech can be.

Take a book, grab a drink or icecream and unwind with the cool blue waters.


For the first time ever in Morocco, Marrakech is hosting a 10 day silent Vipassana Meditation retreat. Hosted in the Palmerie of Marrakech, Vipassana offers technique and discussion on this form of meditation.

Starting 26 May up to 6 June this retreat is open to everyone, and anyone interested in mediation.

For more information on this retreat contact heartofa@gmail.com


Recently in yoga class, the subject came up about losing weight, summer time approaching, beach, bikini, maybe,, maybe not

i shared how at mealtimes i eat and not drink, (principle being, water breaks down enzymes found in saliva, helping breakdown food) and that i find that living in such a hot town like marrakech that liquid really is important esp if you are sweating it out in class,,so perhaps the next time you go to eat,, or snack,,ask yourself,,,AM I REALLY HUNGRY OR MORE THIRSTY? You may be surprised at the answer and how that could be the spark for changing habits, changing bodies?



Have you ever had the feeling, the experience of striving for balance and achieving it,,, when you let go

We can all become frustrated on and off our mats when we cling to the perfect idea, relationship, desire or asana

Next time you are on your mat (or off) ask yourself, can i achieve more,,, balance,,, when i let go,,,,is there more enjoyment in the moment, in the process, in the journey, rather than the goal of achieving, arriving or accomplishing

I would love to hear and share stories of these moments i think we have all had,, in striving for balance,, on and off our mat


Beginning the first week in July we are lucky to have in Marrakech, Marta, owner of Iyengar Yoga Studio in Madrid, Spain offering a two week course and outline in Iyengar Yoga. Marta has been teaching yoga for more than 28 years and her knowledge and expertise on the body is truely amazing. Great for all students of all forms and schools of yoga. Daily schedule consists of meditation in the morning followed by asana, by lunch by free time then evening restorative, pranayama practice. For more info contact heartofa@gmail.com.