Traditionally applied on the floor and following tuesbo, meridian lines throughout the body,, Japanese Shiatsu aims to rebalance, restore and revitalise the bodies energy paths.

Highly relaxing and restorative, finger pressure is applied to tuesbo points throughout the body, based on each persons need.




After an awe inspiring December Yoga Workshop on Prana, Febuary sees the continuation of exploring Prana with asana, meditation and sound.

Very slow precise movement with linking breath to posture,gives us a clearer and more sensitive understanding of prana in the body.

A must for anyone interested in health, vitality, meditation and yoga. For the beginner to advanced practitioner this workshop Sunday Feb 1 and Feb 8 from 8h30 to 1pm is open to all. For registration heartofa@gmail.comyoga-workshopacroyoga1prana_im


After returning from New York City and being amazed and inspired not only by the healthy availability of food, but the low cost of tofu and sprouts, i have now been inspired to introduce and make available here in the land of camels and honey, sprouts.

Not only are sprouts loaded with anti-oxidents, but full of nutritional value that can sometimes be lost when we cook food. they are affordable and easy to grow in warm climates.

If you would like more information on sprouting here in Marrakech contact heartofa@gmail.comalfalfa_sproutedlentilsprouts


December 14 Sunday 8.30 to 1.30 sees a yoga workshop being held on the concept, idea and experience of PRANA

What is it? Where is it? How can we get more of it?

Using asana, pranayama (breathing technique) meditation and chanting we will explore the various ways prana is held, stored and used in the body.

A must for anyone interested in energy, getting more of it, practicing yoga or new to it.

Inscription at heartofa@gmail.comaisha-yoga1aicha-yoga3


What promises to be fun, informative, uplifting and energising is the yoga workshop happening in Marrakech October 25 from 8.30 to 1.30pm with lunch afterwards.

Open to anyone with a desire to learn yoga, practicing yoga, and living yoga. For the beginner or the advanced practitioner, the workshop will cover asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, yoga history overview, and laughter.

Registration is required.

Email for more information.



Incense has been with us for thousands of years. Being used in religious ceremonies or as medicine, it has the affect to uplift the spirit and heal and change the environment the energy of ones home.

We are lucky here in Marrakech to find great incense sticks in the Medina, and as you walk by in Jmaa Fnaa take note of the fragnant smells of amber, frankencense and rose.

Bring it into your home and enjoy. Found as sticks or resin or can be used with oil burners.


While most of us may not have our own private jet, and fly around the world like going to the corner store, what we may have in common with these celebrities is the practice, the discipline and the love of yoga.

I think it inspiring that celebrities are bringing yoga to the fore, Madonna demonstraing in on tour, Sting and Trudie opening their home and vegetable garden to Pathabhi Jois when in town.

Perhaps it has made yoga ‘fashionable’, people wanting to do it to get a body like Madonna, but whatever the reason one starts the journey, the seed has been planted for deeper discovery and ultimately when one begins to practice the fruits of inner calmness, balance, strength and flexibiity as well as finding tools for stress management, and the space to reflect, to comtemplate, to observe all connect us and inspire us to be better at who we are.