With the opening of the new yoga center, healing retreat center here in marrakech, we have already hosted fabulous yoga dinners and a very fun successful sunday yoga brunch.

Oct 3 sees another of these sessions, with a 8h30 to 10 yoga class in the new accoustic sounding studio, where the breath just swirls, followed by an extensive healthy yoga brunch.

Soya banana almond smoothies, freshly squeezed watermelon juice, orange juice, home made raw cereal, rosemary potatoes, basil garlic tomatoes, prunes stuffed with power gojyi berries and omelettes galore saw us all having a fantastic time that there is already demand for it to be a regular date. Power yoga , swimming pool, meditation path to walk, or contemplation in the many of the carefully designed square, triangle and circle sitting areas all allow for a fantastic get away relaxing way to start your Sunday.

Open and welcome to families and friends after yoga, we all share together over a fantastic healthy unique organic brunch.


Time again to go deeper and stronger and dilengtly into the body and the layers and no better way than an intensive on a sunday morning from 8h30 to 12.

This intensive will be taking it slow and taking it deep, holding asanas for longer to feel and become sensitive and observe breath intergration with stretch.

Intensive will look at and hear devotional yoga and one hour meditation.

Open to anyone with a desire, an interest to cleanse, heal release the physical, mental emotional body.




Sunday march 29 from 8h30 to 12h30 with lunch after sees a workshop on asana, pranayama, meditation.

Open to anyone with a practice or new to yoga it is an ideal way to look at your practice, strengthen your practice and go deeper into the body.

For inscription heartofa@gmail.comtatmudra


FEB has seen here in Marrakech YOGA WORKSHOPS focusing on asana, prana as sound, kirtan, chanting and mediation.

One of the beautys of this workshop has been for us to explore our relationship to Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant symbol recognised as the remover of obstacles, and guradian of the gate to the enlightened realm.

As mudra, chanting, devotion and prana work, Ganesh shows up everywhere.

It was in this workshop Sunday feb 1 and Sunday Feb 8 from 8h30 to 13h, that we looked at our own obstacles,, Ganesh in a way where we could find empowerment, strength and hope.

Space is available for the next yoga workshop sunday 8 Feb by contacting



After an awe inspiring December Yoga Workshop on Prana, Febuary sees the continuation of exploring Prana with asana, meditation and sound.

Very slow precise movement with linking breath to posture,gives us a clearer and more sensitive understanding of prana in the body.

A must for anyone interested in health, vitality, meditation and yoga. For the beginner to advanced practitioner this workshop Sunday Feb 1 and Feb 8 from 8h30 to 1pm is open to all. For registration heartofa@gmail.comyoga-workshopacroyoga1prana_im