Sunday march 29 from 8h30 to 12h30 with lunch after sees a workshop on asana, pranayama, meditation.

Open to anyone with a practice or new to yoga it is an ideal way to look at your practice, strengthen your practice and go deeper into the body.

For inscription heartofa@gmail.comtatmudra



Recently in yoga class, the subject came up about losing weight, summer time approaching, beach, bikini, maybe,, maybe not

i shared how at mealtimes i eat and not drink, (principle being, water breaks down enzymes found in saliva, helping breakdown food) and that i find that living in such a hot town like marrakech that liquid really is important esp if you are sweating it out in class,,so perhaps the next time you go to eat,, or snack,,ask yourself,,,AM I REALLY HUNGRY OR MORE THIRSTY? You may be surprised at the answer and how that could be the spark for changing habits, changing bodies?



Have you ever had the feeling, the experience of striving for balance and achieving it,,, when you let go

We can all become frustrated on and off our mats when we cling to the perfect idea, relationship, desire or asana

Next time you are on your mat (or off) ask yourself, can i achieve more,,, balance,,, when i let go,,,,is there more enjoyment in the moment, in the process, in the journey, rather than the goal of achieving, arriving or accomplishing

I would love to hear and share stories of these moments i think we have all had,, in striving for balance,, on and off our mat


aisha-yoga.jpgaisha-yoga1.jpgWhat comes to mind when you hear the word power? What is your understanding of prana and how can we use it to gain more energy, more clarity in our lives? Do you know yoga means ‘to join’ ‘to yoke’ ‘to make whole’. In POWER PRANA YOGA classes you will find all forms of training the body are addressed, working on cardiovascular strength, flexibility, stamina, opening the hips and upper body, and fusing the postures with the ujjayi breathing creates a fullness to the practice of yoga. As some say ‘it gets you there faster’. Many teachers and facilitators of yoga together are blending the traditional teaching methods with the modern. It truely becomes a way of livng, of thinking. As my teacher is so fond of saying ‘yoga truely begins when you leave your mat’. For more information on these dynamic classes group or private lessons, or for future retreat schedules contact