The building is finishing, and the fine touches being laid,, the pool is full, and the paint is drying,, but still alot of work to do,,

the heat of summer marrakech is here for july so we struggle to maintain the fullness of the garden,, we wait for september for it to cool

September will see the start of all events running at YOGA MARRAKECH, November already is booked with USA ashtanga yoga teacher LARRY SCHULTZ  coming for a 6 day rocket workshop

the planting begins,,,,


2 Responses to “YOGA MARRAKECH – DREAM PART 3”

  1. Hi Aisha; I’m not sure you remember me as your and Jacques guest at 200 Harrison St. in Oakland, CA. You have wonderful sons, and now I wish you success with your project as presented on photos I viewed above. Two years ago I even went to Agadir and looked for Jacques there, to no avail. From there I took a day trip to Marrakech, so I do have some idea about the environment you are living now. It’s exemplary your determination and drive for the goals you strive to achieve. I do some exercises what I call, ‘the Polish Yoga’ and walk two miles a day looking at the North San Francisco Bay, Tamalpais and Mount Diablo’s twin peeks. Good Luck to you and Jacques.

  2. Benoit De Vooght Says:


    After taking some yoga courses at the movie theatre in March, I see that the house is now getting ready.
    I return to Marrakech in Dec, 24 -30 with the family. do you have any course schedule allready for that period?

    Many thanks,
    btw, the marathon I ran in Paris was fantastic.


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