TRANCE Marrakechs only and first yoga center, studio, will open its door in January 2010 with what promises to be a year filled with holistics, yoga, dance, seminars, and spa.


March 8 sees a 7 day Ashtanga Power Yoga intensive with Americain teacher Larry Schultz and Jan will see ongoing classes in power yoga, pranayama, meditation as well as bodywork alternatives of swedish massage, hot stone massage, indian scalp massage , facials and more.


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  1. HI
    Where will this lovely yoga retreat be exactly in Marrakech?
    Thanks it sounds wonderful.

    • hello there

      the healing retreat yoga center is located on route de casablanca at the stadium, just after the palmaraie and will be open for guests this october however it is open to special workshops on yoga, mediation and bodywork come this march

      i look forward in hearing from you

      namaste aisha

  2. Hello….I live in Marrakech and wanted to know here is this retreat located and is it opened yet…thanks for the reply.

  3. Paolo Witte Says:

    I will be in and out of Marrakech for the next month and would like to practice some Ashtanga. Particularly in the next few days. Could you tell me the timetable and address to join you. Thanks

  4. Hello.
    My friend and I are looking to travel to Marrakech for 6 days. We looked into doing a yoga retreat but came across your sight and thought we would do some traveling and yoga instead. Is your retreat/center easily accesible from Marrakech and are classes ran daily? Will you be open for classes in April. Thanks!

  5. Hello,

    I’m a yoga student from the Netherlands. Next month I visit Marrakech for a couple of days and I am looking for a yoga class. Is it possible to join a yoga class? Do you have a schedule?


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