FEB has seen here in Marrakech YOGA WORKSHOPS focusing on asana, prana as sound, kirtan, chanting and mediation.

One of the beautys of this workshop has been for us to explore our relationship to Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant symbol recognised as the remover of obstacles, and guradian of the gate to the enlightened realm.

As mudra, chanting, devotion and prana work, Ganesh shows up everywhere.

It was in this workshop Sunday feb 1 and Sunday Feb 8 from 8h30 to 13h, that we looked at our own obstacles,, Ganesh in a way where we could find empowerment, strength and hope.

Space is available for the next yoga workshop sunday 8 Feb by contacting




  1. Hi there, Looking for somewhere to do yoga in the last two week of May 2009 in Morroco. Would appreciate any help you can offer! Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you. Namaste, Rachel

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