While most of us may not have our own private jet, and fly around the world like going to the corner store, what we may have in common with these celebrities is the practice, the discipline and the love of yoga.

I think it inspiring that celebrities are bringing yoga to the fore, Madonna demonstraing in on tour, Sting and Trudie opening their home and vegetable garden to Pathabhi Jois when in town.

Perhaps it has made yoga ‘fashionable’, people wanting to do it to get a body like Madonna, but whatever the reason one starts the journey, the seed has been planted for deeper discovery and ultimately when one begins to practice the fruits of inner calmness, balance, strength and flexibiity as well as finding tools for stress management, and the space to reflect, to comtemplate, to observe all connect us and inspire us to be better at who we are.



  1. Love those pictures! And yes, Madonna was one of my inspirations for getting into yoga.

    I also have Christy Turlington’s book on yoga, and it’s one of the most enjoyable books on yoga I’ve read.

  2. I’m particularly glad to see male celebrities like Sting, as well as number of professional athletes, lgoing public about their yoga practices, given the rather female-oriented nature of the current yoga craze. Then, I’m always happy, as often the only man in yoga class, to provide the low end on OM.

  3. In American society , yoga was first introduced by ‘Swami Vivekananda’ in late nineteenth century as spiritual practice. Now, in western countries yoga is popular as a way of keeping fit and healthy.

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