Reflexology is an anceint Eygptian system designed on reflex zones mapping the entire body on the feet, hands and ears.

A very non-invasive modality, yet very powerful at addressing all the systems of the body, reflexology is scientifically proven to aid the body of dis-ease.

We tend to work the feet very hard, standing on them for longer periods than is healthy and wearing inappropriate shoes too tight or not supportive.

The feet are the mirror of the body and it is one of the most relaxing sessions of bodywork around.

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  1. Complete beginner at this but am looking for a way to ease my husbands chronic insomnia, any suggestions? Have practiced a bit with massage but am always looking for new ideas. x

  2. This is very intersting…any chane for me to recover (I have a mass in the thymus area,couldn”t remove it with the operation..)

    Kindly advice/thank you

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