Happening May 25, Sunday at 9am, Marrakech is hosting one of the coolest yoga workshops of the year. Focusing on core strength, pranayama, meditation, and asana breakdown class, this is a must for anyone wanting to take their personal practice to the next level.

Great for beginners wanting to get a taste of what yoga is about, and the experienced yogi/yoginni wanting to take it deeper.

Cool people, cool atmosphere, cool yoga. Why not give it a try?



  1. Hi yogamarrakech’s

    I learn that you are a yoga teacher, so could you send me more information about when and where you give lessons in Marrakesh,
    I’m very inte rested by practice Yoga


  2. Hello i love your photo, and im thinking of doing a bit of travelling but i dont no where yet but i do no i want my journey to involve yoga. Please give me an idea of what i can achieve and all relevant info for your teachings.

    Many thanks


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