When i first started my yoga journey, i remember after class one day my teacher saying to me, very simply but direct, that i should focus the next three months of opening my upper body, my chest and little did i know then, but my heart chakra, emotional body.

Now, years later, i come back to this with my students. How to open the upper body. How to stand with correct posture, shoulder joints with outward rotation. We tend to “shut down” in this area, part of the body and some of us have memories of being aware of this, perhaps being too tall, so slouching or being sad, insecure and turning in.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in yoga, is to look and feel this part of the body. How do you stand. Do i feel open, receptive, allowing in this area, in my life.

I find alot of the work to do in the beginning stages of yoga is to reawaken this area, anatomically, energetically, emotionally.

Working with the Heart Chakra, Reawakening the Emotional Body.

Perhaps you too, have a story t share , a memory about this area of the body and your journey with yoga.



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