It seems the more i am practicing and teaching yoga, the concept and importance of core strength, uddiyana bandha comes up. Bandha meaning to join together, to bond, to catch hold. Uddiyana bandha located just below the naval, known also as hara, dan, or core strength in pilates, it is a store house of energy, emotions and prana. It is very important to keep this area toned and strong. Posture, digestion, elimenation and emotional, spirtual well being improves when this bandha is activated.

Perhaps for woman the goal of having a flat stomach is enough to start the process of healing, strengthening and realising ones fullest potential on and off the mat. Awareness of this bandha allows one to also be more aware of what one puts into their body and how much.

Transformation can occur powerfully when this Uddiyana is studied.



  1. I agree, when i used to do alot of Kundalini i felt so empowered when this area was strong, like you are bouncing off the walls. A distant memory im afraid, but reaching for it again!

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