Ever been in a yoga class and been bored? Thats what i hear alot of people tell me when they first come to class. That being their first experince of yoga. While there are many schools of yoga out there, some holding poses for longer or focusing more on meditation, i offer students a dynamic power orientated class focusing on all aspects of the body. Cardiovascular training, flexibility, stamina and endurance to maintain the pace and energy levels. strength training (lifting ones own body weight can be excitng and thrilling), core strength and much much more.

For more information on class schedules and privates please email, heartofa@gmail.com.

The hardest step can be in showing up!!!!!!



  1. Hearing you loud and clear Isha!! great blog well done. See you soon xxxxxx ps blog roll me please – The Good Life in Marrakesh

  2. ps lets have more gorgeous photos on here of you!

  3. hi i am looking for yoga classes in marrakech morocco as i am moving there in a week, i am i in the right place

  4. mariam jaziri Says:

    Hi, i live in marrakech, would like to be informed where and when to attend yoga classes…
    thanks, in peace

  5. Carol Phillips Says:

    Hi, are you organising any yoga retreats this year in Marrakech

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