I was on the beach recently in Essaouria enjoying the sun and sea. I could not help but notice Moroccan men playing soccer close to me because when they were not busy with the ball they were busy doing handstands, one handed handstands and backflips. I saw such freedom in their movements, such strength, such fun. I wanted to join them in my yoga practice right then and there,,but alas,,i refrained and took the beauty that i saw all in.

Be free!!!! Do you ever feel like going into a handstand on the beach? In the park? On your terrace? What is it that stops you? Your fear of falling? Your neighbours seeing you? Getting your clothes dirty? The mind playing tricks?
BE FREE!!!!! DO A HANDSTAND!!!!!hand-stand.jpghandstand.jpgone-hand.jpg



  1. great to have you in yoga class jayne, you are committed and disciplined,,i am enjoying facilitating the yoga journey with you

    yoga is life,, life is yoga

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