3464-11.jpghome.jpgppspahero_a_1.jpgEvery now and then, good fortune, fate, good karma or whatever you wish to call it seems to come ones way. I feel this way in meeting truely exceptional people and dear friends of mine of Dar el Sadaka. Nestled in Bab Atlas, a truely original place and space which sense and care to all things, the pool with the huge giraffe sculpture overlooking, the giants house where one can imagine being a child again and sensing life through that perceptive, the layers and levels to the form, mixed with pockets of colour and care make this a paradise to all who enter. Meditation tents on lush grounds, platform yoga rooms which air breezes, or small hammans and fireplace massage rooms all make this scared space a great escape/retreat space. Dar el Sadaka hosts yoga retreats, workshops and meditation courses to name a few. Those interested in vinyasa flow yoga, jucing retreats or meditation classes can contact for more information heartofa@gmail.com or http://www.darelsadaka.com.


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