aisha-yoga.jpgaisha-yoga1.jpgWhat comes to mind when you hear the word power? What is your understanding of prana and how can we use it to gain more energy, more clarity in our lives? Do you know yoga means ‘to join’ ‘to yoke’ ‘to make whole’. In POWER PRANA YOGA classes you will find all forms of training the body are addressed, working on cardiovascular strength, flexibility, stamina, opening the hips and upper body, and fusing the postures with the ujjayi breathing creates a fullness to the practice of yoga. As some say ‘it gets you there faster’. Many teachers and facilitators of yoga together are blending the traditional teaching methods with the modern. It truely becomes a way of livng, of thinking. As my teacher is so fond of saying ‘yoga truely begins when you leave your mat’. For more information on these dynamic classes group or private lessons, or for future retreat schedules contact heartofa@gmail.com.



2 Replies to “POWER PRANA YOGA”

  1. Babes this is amazing!!! love it!!! Looks like its all coming together!! cant wait to come over and join in with one of your yoga retreats!! My cousins filming me on sunday for her media degree. Shes researching ways to combat stress and increase energy levels so ive got demonstrate a massage and then yoga moves. cool eh!! You still on the same mobi number? Will give you a call and have a catch up… Speak soon hun xxxxxxx

  2. great to have known you on and off the mat,, keep up the interest and care with your yoga pracitice
    yoga truely begins when we leave our mat

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